E-Group is a part of a larger group of companies providing services and products in the field of electroenergetics and heat sector. They share common know-how and create synergy in implementation of projects from both segments. The scope of their comprehensive services consists mainly of:

  • Construction and reconstruction of distribution facilities of any voltage levels
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of renewable sources of electricity
  • Construction and reconstruction of power distribution lines
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Repair and service works on electroenergetic and heat equipment, installation of new pipelines
  • Reconstruction, repair and service of gas tech­nological equipment,

E-group a.s. implements projects also through its daughter companies. These include for example:

  • ROS Energy 1 a. s.
  • ROS Energy 2 a. s.
  • ROS Energy 3 a. s.
  • Eco-steam a. s.
  • GFS a. s.