E-GROUP, a.s.

E-Group, a.s., was founded in 2008. During the five years of its existence E-Group has become a strong consultancy, investment and implementation group in various fields of energetics. Starting its success with projects in the field of renewable sources, E-Group has gradually and significantly expanded the portfolio of its services. Thanks to collaboration with top national as well as foreign experts, E-Group belongs among the fastest growing Slovak companies in energetics. The group´s ambition is to keep expanding by offering comprehensive strategic solutions in the field of energetics.
Main activities:

  • Providing professional and  technical assistance for energetic projects
  • Delivery of equipment for energy sector
  • Development of projects for renewable sources
  • Waste management
  • Feasibility study
  • Biogas
  • Trade activities

The company E-Group, a.s. operates not only in Slovakia but also abroad. At the present time, it implements or participates in several projects in the member states of the European Union.