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Bratislava is officially heated by a new modern source  - Press releases of October 18, 2012
Bratislava, October 18, 2012 – Prvá rozvojová spoločnosť, a.s. today officially launched into commercial operation the new Cogeneration Source Bratislava WEST which, in addition to heat for Bratislava, generates also electricity in an ecological way, which is supplied into the grid. The latest heat source for Bratislava, Cogeneration Source Bratislava WEST, was inaugurated on October 18,2012. It supplies heat to households and institutions in Dubravka, Karlova Ves and Mlynska Dolina. The facility meets the most strictest ecological and environmental standards of the European Union and works on the basis of gas combustion engines which generate heat and electric energy.  ´The guarantee measurements proved fulfilment of all limits according to valid regulations for the field of noise as well as emissions. The cogeneration of heat and electric energy is currently the most efficient method of natural gas utilization as the primary source of energy´ said Anton Bielik, chairman of the board of directors of Prvá rozvojová spoločnosť. The installed power capacity of Cogeneration Source Bratislava WEST is 8.6 MWe and the heat output is 9.4 MWth. Combustion piston engines serve as drive units of electric power generators. From cooling of engines block and their combustion products heat is taken using circulatory water and this way it is transported to the heating plant generation unit and then distributed to the centralized heat supply system in the locality of Bratislava West.